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About us

We’re dedicated to helping others

In Narconon Europe we are dedicated to helping people get out of addiction. The Narconon Program has been saving lives from this plague for more than 50 years across the world.

Narconon Europe - drug and alcohol rehabilitation center

Our center is located in a beautiful area in Northern Denmark, surrounded by unspoiled nature were people can relax and dedicate fully to their rehabilitation path.

It also offers a wonderful panoramic view of Lake Arresø, the largest lake in Denmark

Narconon Europe - drug rehabilitation center

Our rooms are comfortable and provide everything needed to have a nice stay while progressing on the Program.

Our team is there to help you go through every phase of the Program with the minimum discomfort and maximum success.

Narconon Europe - drug and alcohol rehabilitation center

We are waiting for you

If you or somebody you know have a drug or alcohol addiction problem, here you can find an effective program that can guide you outside of addiction’s trap.

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