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I completed the Narconon Program!

“To start and finish all the Narconon Program is a big success for me. I learned how to have a good control, start something, change something and stop something. I learned to focus on present time, in the now and here, since this is the key ingredient for success in life.

I learned how to differentiate good and social people from bad ones, and to do things only if I think it’s right not because others want me to. I know now that I have to take the good and let go of the bad.

If some bad energy comes to me, I learned how to stay calm and find a solution with communication and on this point I’d like to learn more in the future.

Now I believe in myself and know that I can do it, because after the rain comes the sun. It’s important to understand to live in the present moment and in a causative way. If something goes bad I need to be strong, confront it and be good again.

This is my motivation to have a good life.”


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