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I don’t think about my past anymore

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“I saw some changes in me until this part of the program, like this one: I really don’t know when was the last time I thought about drugs. And I realize also that when I mentioned the name of cocaine in some context, for the last couple of times I didn’t think of it with “pleasure”, it was more just a word in a conversation. And for me the most important thing is that I don’t think anymore about my past mistakes, I just don’t care about it. They don’t bother me anymore. The best example for this is my ex-girlfriend. I came to think that if she had a new boyfriend I would be happy for her. I just let go that feeling, life goes on. I feel more respect towards her and I feel a huge respect towards my parents. Bigger than before.

I realized that now I’m seeking a more quiet and healthier life and that makes me happy. I have more patience than before for people and some things. I feel much more concentrated on people and things and much more calm than before. I don’t think too much about time and years that go by and what I have done of my life until now, especially the bad things. I just want to go step by step into the future, without any reservations!

I realized that the Objective exercises that I’m doing on the Narconon Program have so much sense. They are really helping me.”


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