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The Narconon Program: an incredible adventure

Narconon Europe - success story - drug and alcohol rehab

“I just completed the Narconon Program and it was really an incredible adventure.

Coming here was a very tough trip. The withdrawal was very difficult at the beginning. But from the moment I saw the Narconon Europe sign I knew that my life would have never been the same.

It was the rehabilitation of a 25 year failed purpose and something totally changed in my space.

So the withdrawal in the end was really good.

Then on the detox program I got a new body. I was feeling so good. It’s really “Clear body, clear mind”. The following course was really, really good, getting a good confrontation, regaining the ability to be there, communicate, take care of another person, having a great control and a perfect intention without any reservation.

So I was ready for the following course called “Objectives”. Taking responsibility for another person was such an incredible feeling. I had realizations after realizations and I regained so many abilities. Just a beautiful and powerful step, with the result to be totally oriented in space and in the present time.

Then the Life Skill Courses were really the fireworks of the program. On the Ups and Downs Course I resolved a big situation in my life, it really made me causative.

Then on the Integrity Course I had an enormous relief and an expansion of responsibility. And finally on Life Conditions Course I got the exact steps about what to do in the different aspects of my life. Myself, my family, my group, the society, life and on the physical world.

So now I have a wonderful body, my mind is so clear and I feel wonderful, I am on purpose. I know exactly what to do to live an happy life without drugs.

So today I signed my Narconon staff contract and will start directly with my training.

I want to thank my family who gave me a very good help and the possibility to do the Narconon program. My children because without them I wouldn’t be on this planet any more. All the students of Narconon EU, all staff and executives of Narconon, all the management and for sure my best friend L.Ron Hubbard. All my respect and gratefulness to everybody. I am ready for the second half of my life.


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