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New Life Detoxification Success Stories

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New Life Detoxification is the second step of the Narconon Program which is intended to help the person detoxify his/her body and mind in order to stop being obsessed with drugs.

This is an important step for recovery and it can give great wins to the person who’s doing it.

Here’s the success story of one of our students doing this part of the program:

“When I came here I had too much body pain and I didn’t have much energy. Now it’s different, I wake up with lots of energy and I don’t have and body pain. My humor is very good and I have a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. I also work out two times a day at the gym.
Thank you.”

Another of our students wrote:

“Compared to the beginning of the program now I feel very good. My mind is more positive and clear; also my body feels more energized and powerful. Thank you very much for helping me during the sauna, I feel much better and different now. Thank you.”

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